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We are one of the largest cosmetic manufacturing company in Ethiopia. Our business is vested in various sectors of the booming Ethiopian market. Our largest presence in the market is in cosmetics manufacturing where it's home to our popular brand - Zalash cosmetic products ! 


When we started our operation, we just


manufactured hair oil and glycerin. Currently


we manufacture hair oil, shampoo, conditioner,


glycerin and dish soap. All Zalash products


come in a variety of size’s and natural


ingredient such as almonds and olives. 


In an effort to control production


cost  and maintain competitive price, we


have built a plastic manufacturing


plant to provide for our Zalash


products and to other manufacturers.  


Our workforce grew from six


dedicated employee’s when we


opened to  300 dedicated employee’s.


Our research and development team is


working on expanding our product line


to manufacturing common household


products. So, keep a lookout for our


newest products coming soon. 


With such in-depth experience,


dedication to serve our consumers


and equitable asset, Mekab Plc has   


positioned itself to service the greater


population of Ethiopia and beyond.

Thank you for visiting MEKAB Plc.  We look forward to serving you in the near future.


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